Who We Are​

Founded in 1958 by Nasser Al Hinnawi, Starco has grown from its origins in textile distribution within the GCC, leveraging Kuwait’s historical role as a regional trading hub. Under the leadership of Jamal Al Hinnawi in the early 1990s, Starco transitioned into retail franchising, bringing esteemed European fashion brands to the Middle East. Today, Starco’s operations span various sectors including fashion, food and beverage (F&B), e-commerce, and restaurant concept creation.

Specializing in areas from fashion to premium food distribution, Starco boasts over 35 franchises, 150+ stores, and a dedicated workforce of more than 1,000 employees. We nurture our partnership brands, treating them like family, ensuring long-lasting relationships. This dynamic approach allows Starco to deliver exceptional value and quality to partners and customers worldwide.

Our Mission

At Starco, our mission is to be a customer-focused retail hub for fashion and food & beverage, prioritizing innovation, delivering outstanding service, and upholding corporate responsibility. We aim to extend the essence of mother brands to the Middle East, cherishing our relationships and portraying each brand in its true light.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve our mission globally, delivering top-notch customer experiences and high-quality products worldwide. We strive to create a positive workplace where our dedicated employees serve as proud ambassadors for the company, contributing meaningfully to the communities we operate in.

Furthermore, our vision extends to making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we operate.

Starco International Company

Founded by Nasser Al Hinnawi in Kuwait, initially focused on textile distribution within the GCC, leveraging Kuwait's role as a trading hub. Now acts as a MNE with interests in several industries. Fashion still remains at the core of the company. Starco is franchisee partner for renowned fashion brands and food concepts.

D&H International Company

Dagher & Hinnawi, founded in Kuwait in 1995. D&H focused on franchising renowned fashion and F&B brands like Mango and Stradivarius, expanding the company's reach.

Hinnawi International group

An extension of Starco into Lebanon, HIG focused on acquiring and managing international brands. This expansion solidified Starco’s presence in the region, allowing it to cater to a broader audience and enhance its brand portfolio.

Fashion international group

Expanding D&H’s operations into Egypt, FIG became a major player in the fashion retail sector. With stores across Cairo and Alexandria, FIG introduced a wide range of fashion brands to Egyptian consumers, furthering Starco’s influence in the region.


Acquired by Starco, France and Middle East (FAME) specializes in distributing premium raw food materials to high-end businesses such as five-star hotels and upscale restaurants. This acquisition enabled Starco to diversify its offerings and strengthen its presence in the F&B sector.


Launched by Starco, BEVAVA is an e-commerce platform designed to bring fashion brands online. Initially created to digitize Starco’s brand portfolio, BEVAVA now serves as a comprehensive e-commerce hub for emerging international brands seeking entry into the Middle Eastern market.

Global Gastronomy Group

Formed through a strategic partnership between Starco and the Abdal family, GGG owns and operates the premium restaurant brand Matbakhi by Sawsan. Led by renowned Chef Sawsan Daana, Matbakhi by Sawsan offers a Levant-inspired dining experience, setting new standards in the culinary industry.

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