Our Companies

Starco International Company was Established in Kuwait in 1958.

Our Companies History:

Starco Group is a multifaceted conglomerate with a rich heritage and a forward-thinking vision. Our diverse portfolio encompasses a variety of sectors, each dedicated to excellence and innovation. From fashion franchising and cutting-edge technology to food and beverage concept creation, our companies are united by a commitment to quality and growth. With a strong foundation laid by our founder Nasser Al Hinnawi and a dynamic future driven by current leadership, Starco Group continues to set industry standards and forge new paths in the global market.

Our Companies DNA: 

Our family of companies includes FIG, Hinnawi International Group (HIG), FAME, BEVAVA, Starco, GGG, and D&H. Each entity operates with a distinct focus, whether it be introducing world-renowned fashion brands to new markets, pioneering technological advancements, or creating unique dining experiences. Together, they reflect Starco Group’s unwavering dedication to expanding horizons and delivering exceptional value to our partners and customers.

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