Hinnawi International Group (H.I.G.)

Hinnawi International Group, an extension of Starco’s Kuwait operations, was established in 2003 by Nasser Al Hinnawi. Currently led by CEO Jamal Al Hinnawi, the company is dedicated to facilitating the entry of global brands into the Lebanese market. Hinnawi International Group specializes in franchising, with a strong focus on fashion and food and beverage […]

Dagher & Hinnawi (D&H)

Founded in 1997, Dagher and Hinnawi (D&H) is a strategic partnership between the Hinnawi family and the Dagher family, focused on franchising renowned international brands to the Middle East. The partnership debuted with iconic brands such as Mango and Stradivarius, establishing a strong foothold in the regional market. Headquartered in Kuwait, D&H has continued to […]

Global Gastronomy Group (G.G.G.)

Established in 2024 by the Al Hinnawi family (Starco) and the Abdal family (Matbakhi), Global Gastronomy Group (GGG) combines Starco’s extensive retail experience with the Abdal family’s culinary expertise. GGG was founded to own and operate the brand Matbakhi by Sawsan, a premium Levant-inspired restaurant conceived by the renowned Chef Sawsan. Known for her successful […]

France and Middle East (FAME)

Acquired by Starco in 2019, French and Middle East (FAME) serves as a premier distributor of raw food materials for high-end businesses in Kuwait. Specializing in the supply of premium ingredients, FAME caters to the needs of five-star hotels and upscale restaurants, ensuring the highest standards of quality and freshness. With a strong focus on […]