Our Journey: Tradition Meets Innovation

Founded in the heart of Kuwait by the visionary Nasser Mohammed Al Dean Al Hinnawi, Starco International began its journey in 1958. Originally from Syria, Nasser moved to Kuwait in 1948, bringing with him a rich heritage and a keen business acumen. Our roots were firmly planted in the textile industry, where we built a bridge connecting foreign textiles to the Kuwaiti market, pioneering a new era in fabric trade.

In the late 1990s, under the strategic guidance of Jamal Nasser Al Hinnawi, Nasser’s son, Starco embarked on a transformative journey. Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in fabrics, we ventured into the world of fashion franchising. Our first major triumph in this arena was securing a franchise with Mango, marking the beginning of an expansive growth phase.

2006 marked a milestone as we extended our reach to Egypt, establishing offices and launching with four distinguished brands. This expansion was a testament to our growing influence and commitment to diversification. By 2010, our portfolio boasted partnerships with over 14 brands and 35 retail locations across two countries, showcasing our remarkable growth and resilience.

In 2014, our ambition took us to Lebanon, where we opened offices to manage franchises for three esteemed brands. This move further solidified our position as a dynamic and versatile player in the fashion industry.

As of 2023, Starco International stands as a beacon of success and innovation in the industry. With over 100 stores, collaborations with 35 renowned brands, and a dedicated team of over 600 employees, our journey is one of continuous growth and enduring commitment. Our presence spans across Kuwait, Egypt, and Lebanon, each location a testament to our ability to adapt, thrive, and lead in diverse markets.

At Starco International, we honor our history while embracing the future. Our foundation in the textile industry has given us unique insights into the world of fashion, allowing us to curate and offer unparalleled experiences to our customers. Our growth into the franchising domain is fueled by a commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of the evolving consumer landscape.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the endless possibilities. Our goal is to continue expanding our reach, fostering partnerships, and building a legacy that transcends time. We are committed to bringing the best of the fashion world to our customers, while nurturing a work environment that values, empowers, and inspires our team.

Our Purpose: At Starco International, our primary mission is to act as a pivotal bridge, bringing globally-demanded fashion brands to the Middle Eastern market where they are eagerly awaited yet currently unrepresented. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding the expectations set by our franchisors, ensuring that every brand we bring over is showcased in its full glory.

Our Goal: We aspire to be the largest and most robust conduit for global fashion brands aiming to expand their horizons. Our objective is to provide these brands with a seamless entry into new markets, ensuring their values and quality standards are upheld with the utmost fidelity.

Our Future: Envisioning rapid expansion, Starco International is set to grow extensively in the coming years. With plans to extend our reach to the UAE and KSA by 2025, we are on a trajectory of remarkable growth. In the food & beverage sector, our excitement is palpable with the upcoming launch of a new restaurant. This venture, in partnership with a renowned food celebrity and her prestigious catering company, promises to deliver an exceptional dining experience combining ambiance and exquisite cuisine. Our subsidiary, Fame Co F&B, is poised to reach new heights, embodying our ethos of ambitious growth and unparalleled quality.
Our Principles: At the heart of Starco International are our core values – partnership, respect, and uncompromising quality. We view our relationships with fashion franchisors not as mere business agreements but as genuine partnerships. We believe in joining hands, creating a familial bond, and venturing into new markets together. This philosophy extends to our customers, ensuring they receive the highest quality and service.

Our Commitment: We are dedicated to ensuring that our fashion partners never feel underserved. Recognizing the challenges in entrusting one’s brand to another, we approach each franchise agreement with the utmost respect and commitment. We aim to create an environment of comfort and trust, fostering strong, lasting relationships and ensuring the success of our partners and satisfaction of our customers.